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Wow: TikTok Launches Its Own Version Of Twitter’s Retweet

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With the inclusion of a new “Repost” button, TikTok is experimenting its own version of Twitter’s retweet which allows users to amplify videos on the network by sharing them with their own followers.

The new Repost button can be found under the “Share” menu, which is also where you might share the video to friends via messages, SMS, or social network posts. Instead of directly sharing the video with friends, the Repost button promotes the video to your TikTok pals.

The reposted video, unlike a Twitter retweet, does not appear on your TikTok profile; instead, it is sent to your friends’ For You feeds. The button isn’t available everywhere on TikTok, either.

You won’t see the Repost button if you find a video on the Discover tab or in your TikTok inbox via a friend’s share.

It only appears on videos you find while reading your own ‘For You’ feed on the app. In other words, it’s a means to increase the visibility of a video that has already been algorithmically recommended and that you want more people to see.

Users who are mutual friends with the person who reposted the video will only get re-shared suggestions. That means you won’t see a larger creator’s recommendations unless that creator also follows you for some reason.

TikTok mitigates the risk of creators collaborating by limiting recommendations to mutuals. However, it reduces the potential for reposted content to obtain a large number of new views – for example, if it is re-shared by a well-known creator.

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