Without a new constitution, Nigeria will be burning in the next 5 years – Robert Clarke (SAN)

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Robert Clarke, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who appeared on Channels Television’s weekend political show, Sunday Politics called for a total overhaul of the current Nigerian constitution which according to him might lead to crisis in the nearest future.

The senior lawyer also urged the Nigerian government to address the level of poverty and unemployment or see the nation being set on fire in the next five years.

He added that the Nigerian elites will have no choice than to support the new constitution if the movement to actualize this becomes stronger.

“They (the elites) have no alternative and (President Muhammadu) Buhari is there, and God will give him that will.

“I am praying because, in five years’ time, I am not joking, Nigeria is going to be burning. Poverty is too much and we are not creating opportunities,” Clarke said.

“Restructure Nigeria, change the Constitution. Let us change the Constitution and restructure because governance in Nigeria is taking 80 per cent, that’s what the new budget has told us.

“Why should we be spending 80 per cent of our revenue on government expenses?” Clarke questioned.

“It is not the laws, the laws are made to regulate. The Constitution is the cankerworm that is eating us up in corruption.

“The Constitution we are operating upon is a corrupt Constitution; is a rotten egg,” he added while insisting that it must be “terminated”