Wike Says Atiku Frustrates PDP’s Zoning System; ‘Believes That If I Do Not Become President Now, I Will Never Become President Again’

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The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has accused the Presidential candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of frustrating the zoning system in the party.

Wike in a BBC interview stated that there was a gentleman agreement behind the closed doors in which he wouldn’t like to disclose that Atiku has not respected and followed. Wike identified that Atiku believes that this would be his final shot to becoming President and that this is why he made sure he wouldn’t emerge at all cost. However, the Rivers State governor still clarified that he’s not bothered about the loss but with how Atiku have refused to put the party together by granting their request. 

He said, ”I’m not just accusing Atiku as the mastermind of why I didn’t emerge in the PDP primary.

He knows that he’s the mastermind of everything. He believes that if I do not become President now, I will never become president again. So to him, this is my last chance. So he did everything to make sure that I will not win.

But I said fine, no problem. You have achieved whatever you want to achieve. Now put the party together for us to move forward to the election and he has not done that.”