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“Who are The “We”?- Fani Kayode Slams Galadima For Saying North Will Not Support Igbo Presidency

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The controversial statement from Buba Galadima about Igbo presidency has received a lot of criticism from all quarters including that of former minister of aviation Fani Kayode who in his response asked him who are the “We” in his statement.

Galadima had earlier said that everybody will support North will support the southeast, but not Igbo presidency come 2013. Read on for more details.

Although, it’s important to know that the presidential election is roughly two years away and Nigerians have started showing interest in the presidential election which is speculated that it is zoned to the South East. The Igbos are of the opinion that the mantle of leadership should be passed on to them since the country is yet to produce an Igbo president.

However, this has caused a rift in the East already as defections to the All Progressive Congress is very visible. Some political gladiators from the Eastern region have already moved. Few hours ago, the governor of Ebonyi state, David Umahi moved to join the APC from PDP.

Fani Kayode on his official Facebook page slammed Galadima for the statement that he made in regards to supporting South East and not Igbo presidency. See what Fani Kayode said below; 

“Who are the “we” and what exactly does this mean?

When a Fulani was supported for the Presidency did we say we will support a North Westerner and not a Fulani? Why the double standard? 

We must call a spade a spade. The people of the South East are Igbos, the word IGBO is not a dirty one and there is NOTHING wrong with an Igbo Presidency.”

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