Watch Plane blown sideways from Storm Ciara winds as it tries to land in scary clip

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Heartstopping footage shows planes from around Europe struggling to land or take off at airports in the UK as Storm Ciara wreaks havoc in the country.

At least three flights – including an Emirates Airbus A380 – were captured trying to land at Birmingham Airport as pilots battled against strong gales up to 80mph.

Branded as “the worst storm in seven years”, Storm Ciara made landfall over the weekend and brought a trail of travel chaos with the Met Office issuing a “danger to life” warning to Brits.

In video taken by aviation enthusiast Topfelya on February 9, an Embraer E190 is forced to abort landing at Birmingham Airport when the plane careers sideways in the air.

The plane then lifts up its nose to climb again. A second Jet2 plane also fails to land when it comes hurtling sideways in the air while trying to descend.

The Boeing 737 flight skids along the runway but struggles to maintain stability despite being hit by ghastly weather.

An Emirates airline Airbus A380 also performs a dramatic takeoff in the clip.

The “wide-body” airliner slides left and right while trying to battle the crosswinds.

It wasn’t the only nightmarish footage emerging from Birmingham during the storm. Footage surfaced on Sunday of a plane getting struck by lightning above the city.

Hundreds of flights and train services were cancelled across northwest Europe on Monday as Storm Ciara swept in with winds exceeding 80mph.

Dubai-based Emirates has cancelled multiple flights to European destinations due to extreme weather conditions caused by Storm Ciara.


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