“What Does Spare Parts Has To Do With Open Grazing, We Are Talking About Life Here – Guru Punches Malami

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The sole founder of the One Love Family who is also a spiritual leader, Guru Maharaj Ji has come out to speak on the recent resolution of the southern governors that the DSS operatives or any security agent from the federal government will have to obtain permission from them before carrying out any activities in their respective domains. Guru who declared his support over the governors’ resolution urged them to pass it as a law so that nobody can be able to change it.

Maharaj described the issue as a loss of trust which is more reason why somebody will travel from Abuja to attack someone in Lagos without the awareness of the state government. He further dragged the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami into the case concerning the statement he made some weeks ago where he compared open grazing of cattle by fulani herdsmen in the South to spare parts traders in the North, stating that if open grazing should be banned. In his statement, Guru lashed on the AGF over the provocative sentiment which erupted a massive outrage on social media then, as he rhetorically questioned what spare parts business has to do with open grazing while citing the fact people’s life is at stake due to the activities of these dreadful herders.

Guru while summarizing his statement reiterated the need for southern governors to implement the resolutions they reached during their meeting because all of them are good, the spiritual leader added.