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US Election 2020: Tension In White House As American Evangelist, Pat Robertson Predicts Winner

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In the United States, Pat Robertson, founder of Christian Broadcasting Network predicted the winner of the next American presidential election. According to him, Donald Trump will be re-elected which will then lead to the end of the world.

During his Tuesday show, Robertson predicted, “… The next thing is the election which is just a few weeks away, when, according to what I believe the Lord has told me, the president is going to be. reelected ”. The evangelist later added that the Republican victory “will lead to civil unrest, then war against Israel and so on …”

According to the preacher, the outcome of this war has also already been predetermined. “There is going to be a war, then a time of peace,” Robertson said. “And then maybe the end. “, he added.

This evangelist’s perspective on these sweeping world events is touring the web. Many Internet users laughed at him for being a “legitimate” view of reality.

For many commentators, this preacher’s connection between the White House tenant’s re-election and the literal apocalypse was reason enough to vote for Joe Biden instead.

It must be said that the evangelist was a staunch supporter of the current US president. However, the two appeared to have quarreled last year, when Robertson said Trump was “losing the mandate from heaven” for pulling US troops out of Syria.

As a reminder, the pastor has predicted the end of the world since the 1970s. In the meantime, he had said that this would happen in 1982, then again in 2007. But never without a follow-up.

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