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US Election 2020: Russia Joins Mexico, Refuses To Congratulate Biden, Says It’s Too Premature

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The Kremlin says congratulating Joe Biden as America’s president-elect is “premature”, preferring to wait until the final results were announced before commenting.

A global financial squawk service, First Squawk made this known in a Monday morning tweet, 48 hours after the major news networks declared Joe Biden winner of the election.

The networks had called the race for Biden on Saturday, saying that the Democratic Party candidate had won 20 electoral votes in Pennslyvania and took his total tally to 284, crossing the 270 threshold required for victory.

Many governments across the world, including Nigeria’s, had almost immediately began to congratulate the 77-year-old on his electoral “success”.

However, Trump is challenging the results in key battleground states and has accused the mainstream media of helping in the plot to “steal” the election.

Russia and China had maintained an eerie silence as many governments all over the world rushed to send in their congratulations.

In the midst of the controversy, the Russian government appeared to prefer erring on the side of caution, First Squawk‘s tweet suggested.

“Kremlin says it is appropriate to wait for the official results of U.S. presidential election before commenting,” the tweet read.

“Kremlin says it has noted Donald Trump’s announcement of legal processes related to U.S. election and therefore better to wait for official announcement before commenting,” read another tweet from the handle.

Like Russia, the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has yet to congratulate Biden, warning it was too early to congratulate “one candidate or the other”.

“With regard to the US election, we are going to wait until all the legal matters have been resolved.

“I can’t congratulate one candidate or the other. I want to wait until the electoral process is over,” President Obrador told the media Saturday.

Mexico is America’s top trade partner, with annual trade between them hitting $600 billion dollars.

China’s silence continues.

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