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Reality TV has long been a cultural phenomenon with many twists and turns rarely seen coming. It’s more than just another soap, scripted and acted out to entertain and delight.

It provides a glimpse into real-peoples’ realities, their everyday lives, their happiness, and most importantly, the drama.

Joining the ranks of Big Brother, The Bachelor, Are You the One? and Love Island, is the romantic reality TV show in Nigeria, Ultimate Love. This is unlike any other reality shows before it.

Selected based on their mutual attractions, 16 strangers agree to live in an isolated location in the hope of finding true love.

Over the next eight weeks, eight female and eight male contestants will engage in a series of locally inspired activities, all the while competing for your vote to remain in the competition.

From the premiere episode, it is evident that Ultimate Love follows the same base format: Strangers looking for love and living in close-knit proximity to each other. However, the take is completely unique.

Additionally, while the show follows the same 24/7 live air-premise as Big Brother, the final prize far exceeds any reality TV standard.

A lavish traditional wedding, a fully furnished house and a cash prize sound. However, if the winning couple decides not to get married, they forfeit the wedding and the house.

The captivating reality show kicked off the month of love on a high note and there’s more in-store in the coming weeks. Don’t miss a thing – tune into DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29 at 7:30pm.

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