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Two Vital Things Chinwetalu Agu Said In His Defence Following His Arrest By Nigerian Amry For Adorning Biafran Color

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Popular Nollywood actor, Chiwetala Agu, has been trending since yesterday, after a viral video of him being arrested by security agents for putting on a cloth believed to be associated with secessionists in the South-East, surfaced online.

While mixed reactions have trailed Chiwetala Agu’s action, another video where the Nollywood actor explained his reasons for wearing the controversial material has now been released online.

In the video, the veteran actor was explaining his controversial action to some army officials who surrounded him. He made two key statements while defending his actions:

1. First, he alleged that the material only had the image of a rising sun and not Biafra, or the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

2. He also argued that a man with his education would know what and what not to dabble into, with regards to agitations in the South-East.

The statements by Chiwetala Agu indicate that he is trying to distance himself from secessionist activities in the South-East. His first statement was meant to convince us that it was only a coincidence that the colour of his cloth matches that of secessionists in the South-East. I must admit that it is largely unconvincing to me.

His second statement pointed out that he knows the implications of supporting agitations in the South-East, hence his strong denial.

Even if we assume that it is a fantastic coincidence, why would he decide to put on such a controversial piece of material at a time when there is tension in the South-East?

If you watch the video carefully, you would hear a military man asking him if he understands the implications of his action. Even if we agree with his statement that he was only putting on a normal material, and that he did not mean to show solidarity to secessionists, the implications of his actions are quite damaging to the society at large.

The writer opines that Chiwetala Agu made a big mistake by choosing to wear a material depicting a rising sun, at a time when the South-East is yet to recover from the violent activities of secessionists, whose colors, unfortunately for the actor, coincides with what he decided to wear on the day of his arrest. Should we believe that it was truly a fantastic coincidence, as emphasized by the actor?

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