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Trouble Looms As Nothern Group Issues Southeast Governors 30 Days Ultimatum To Settle Notherners In Their States

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A northern group has given Southeast governors 30 days to settle all northerners in their respective states. The settlement is for the destruction of their properties and commodities they have suffered in the states. According to the Northern Consensus Movement (NCM), the order is to be adhered to by the governors within 30 days from the day it was issued.

The group had alleged that the insecurity in the region was targeted at the northerners. They revealed that the properties and commodities of their people in the east were destroyed and nothing has been done about it. The group also claimed that several northerners are targeted and killed in the ongoing insecurity in the southeastern region.

According to the spokesperson of the group, the north is the economic hub of the nation and not a parasite as other regions has claimed.

He further claimed that the country’s oil resources were harnessed by the effort of the Northerners. He revealed that crude oil has been discovered in large quantities in the North. He mentioned Bauchi, Gombe, and Taraba as the States with a large deposit of crude oil. He further claimed that the quantity is greater than South Africa’s oil deposit.

He affirmed that the people of the southeast and southwest have more investment in the north than the north has in their regions. He confirmed that the two regions can live like one if there is peace. He further noted that northerners only engage in minor jobs in the southeast and southwest regions. He mentioned hawking, nail cutting, motorcycle riding, and other petty businesses.

He faulted the agitation for Biafra and Yoruba nation by the people of the Igbos and Yorubas.

In conclusion, he said that the ultimatum should be adhered to and failure to compensate northerners for the damaged commodities and property will attract consequences.

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