Three rockets hit US Embassy premises in Baghdad, Iraq- US officials confirmed

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The US and Iran have been in a stand off since the US withdrew from the Iran Nuclear deal in 2018, that was signed by the US, Iran, E.U, Russia and China.

Early this month, Iranian protesters stormed the US embassy which prompted the US military to kill Iranian military General Qassem Soleimani, leading to an Iran military strike on a US base in Iraq that caused head injuries to some US troops.

Following heightened tensions between both countries, the US called on the Iraqi government to protect it’s bases in Iraq even though the Iraqi parliament voted on a resolution to oust the American military from Iraq.

“We call on the Government of Iraq to fulfill its obligations to protect our diplomatic facilities,” a State Department spokesperson said on Monday in reaction to the rocket attacks.

“Violent acts against our diplomatic facilities are simply unacceptable. We must ensure the safety of American diplomats, troops and other Americans in Iraq.”

Iraq’s Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi, the prime minister of Iraq, speaking about the attack said;
”Iraqi forces have been ordered to “deploy, search, and investigate to prevent the recurrence of such attacks, and to arrest those who launched these rockets so that they can be punished.”

“The Iraqi government is committed to protecting all diplomatic missions and taking all necessary measures to achieve this.”