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The Oil In Bayelsa Belongs To Jigawa Because We Are All Nigerians And Shall Defend It – Hon. Farouk Lawan

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Hon. Farouk Lawan, a popular Northerner has said that the oil in Bayelsa State belongs to Jigawa State because we are all Nigerians and as such are entitled to the money made from oil in the Niger Delta. According to the video shared by the former Minister of Aviation in Nigeria, Chief Femi Fani Kayode, Hon. Farouk said we as Nigerians will make everything possible to ensure that Jigawa people have access to it because they are part of Nigeria.

He said that anyone who thinks that oil of Bayelsa belongs just to Bayelsa is deceiving himself. He went further to state that God has made us to stay together despite that we are different people from different tribes.

According to Farouk Lawan, the country is still one and united and that they shall do everything possible to defend the oil in Bayelsa. He went further to state that it was God that put the oil resources in Bayelsa State for all Nigerians just like God also put resources in Jigawa State for Bayelsa State to partake in it.

The former Minority Leader of the House of Representatives said that as long as Nigeria is still one, the resources in Ijaw land belongs to Jigawa State.

He wondered why the country cannot stay together as God made it. He recalled that Nigeria fought civil war and that is why the country is still together adding that the oil in the Niger Delta will continue to flow to other parts of the country as long as the country is one.

One may be wondering why Hon. Farouk Lawan is making this statement that may seen controversial to some people. Could it be that the agitations in the Southern Nigeria and demand for resource control by some Niger Delta militants is what he isn’t comfortable with?

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