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Shock Grips Community As Dead Person Buried A Year Ago Returns Home, Walking Majestically

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Death is very Cruel a d when it strikes it takes time for the family to accept the loss of the loved one.

A family in Kakamega County Ikolomani Constituency Kenya was left dilemma after one of the family members whom they thought had been burried a year ago returned home today walking Majestically.

To their great shock, the family members had burried the body of a stranger thinking that it was the body of their son who was residing at Kitale.

Speaking to the West TV Journalist, the victims brother said that they heard about the death of their son through a phone call. They informed that their son was attacked and killed by unknown armed robbers.

After that funeral arrangements set in and they even thought of selling the victim’s piece of land to pull resources for the burrial, Fortunately, the brother declined saying that he will stand foot all the bills.

However, confusion set in while they were at the mortuary, as they were not sure if they had picked the actual body of their son.

Finally,the body was burried and rituals performed according to the Luhya customs.

Today the family members were shocked when their son returned home alive walking Majestically.

This comes after rumours had it that the man was spotted at Kitale in a funeral attended by some members from Ikolomani Constituency who later informed the members of the family.

However, according to the traditional customs, the man was not allowed to have a sleep in his own house until rituals are performed only after the burried body is exhumed.

Therefore the family is calling upon the Government to assist them in exhuming the body and take it back to the Mortuary.

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