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If the court does not uphold truth about the election, it may lead to chaos no one can stop was the candid expression of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a prominent Islamic scholar from Nigeria, expressed his opinion on the outcome of the recently concluded presidential election via his social media platform.

He stated that the courts of law should uphold the truth and that failure to do so could lead to chaos that no force could contain.

The Sheikh further emphasized that the legitimacy of a government could only be acquired through a credible and transparent election process. When such is not in place, the government would run as a political imposition by a few privileged cabals.

In addition, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi implored the opposition parties to go to the Supreme Court to re-establish the supremacy of the law and teach the younger generation the value of resolving disputes through legal means rather than violence.

He advised that people should always tow the path of peace.