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It is made with the African Rosewood plant commonly referred to as Oha or Ora by the Igbos. Apart from its nutritious taste, Oha soup also has some amazing health benefits and here are five of them.

  1. ) Boosts the immune system
    Oha leaves used in making this delicacy contain vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants. These can assist in boosting the immune system making the consumer less vulnerable to diseases.

2) Improves digestion
With Oha, you also get a meal that can aid digestion. This is because it contains dietary fibre that improves the digestion process and also prevents constipation.

3) Can help treat diarrhoea
This nutritious soup with Oha leaves is also rich in zinc which can help treat diarrhoea. Some studies say zinc is beneficial because it helps repair and protect the intestinal mucosa, which in turn helps stop or at least reduce the diarrhoea.

4) Great for preventing cancer
With lots of food being linked to causing cancer, it is really great there is one that can at least prevent it and that is Oha soup. The Oha leaf contains powerful antioxidants and numerous healthy phytonutrients, which could help prevent cancer.

A study has also said this leaf contains some phytochemicals that can also help fight cancer.

5) Good for the bones and heart
With Oha, you also get a meal beneficial for the bones. It contains vitamins that can help in the maintenance of tissues, bones and teeth. The fibre present in Oha also helps to prevent cholesterol buildup making the heart healthier.

Bonus point: Oha is great with treating malaria symptoms.
Some studies say Oha can help treat malaria and relieve some symptoms of it. This is because this leaf has some antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Now you know some of these benefits of Oha soup, when are you eating it next?