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Sir: In every winning team, team mates devise delicate methods to keep each other on their toes to ensure optimal performance. When these methods are not delicately designed, cracks may appear through which the entire team may fall.

Nigeria is going through an unprecedented period of insecurity. What Boko Haram insurgents leave behind, rampaging herdsmen tear apart. What rampaging herdsmen fail to spot, criminals of every stripe and shade loot. That has become the sorry state of Nigeria and with inertia pouring forth from Nigeria‘s highest offices, the immediate future is bleak.

It was this uncertain fray that two high ranking members of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government recently joined. In a spat that appears to be nothing more than a power tussle, National Security Adviser Babagana Monguno accused the President‘s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari of taking security matters into his hands and holding meetings with the service chiefs behind the president‘s back.

Now, ordinarily, that would have been something. Any spat between both men have been newsworthy on its own. At any other time, the spat between Monguno and Kyari would have made terrific theatre but right now, the situation of things in Nigeria is so grave that it would be suicidal to reduce security matters to objects of mudslinging by power drunks.

Nigerians are worried because it seems that the president is not fully in control. What has been really worrisome is the allegation that a cabal runs the affairs of the country.

Nigeria is a country of many responsibilities. Its large size and standing in Africa always leaves its plate full. These huge responsibilities makes the country‘s highest office one of the most tasking and demanding in the world. Thus, whoever occupies the hot seat must always be able to show wisdom and vision. Critically, such a person must be able to take ownership and responsibility.

Unfortunately, the art of blame game is a favourite pastime of Nigeria‘s public office holders. It has become a custom of failed and corrupt political leaders to trade blame instead of owning up to their failures and resigning. Nigerian leaders would rather dig in and bring the whole system crashing down.

The president must call his people to order. He is the one Nigerians know and whether there is a cabal or not, posterity would always ensure that the buck stops at his table.