Responding To First Lady’s Outburst, Majeed Dahiru said, ‘To Mrs. Tinubu, Your Husband Doesn’t Have To Be A Magician To Solve This Problem’

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Newspaper columnist Majeed Dahiru responded to the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu, who claimed that her husband, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, “is not a magician” by saying that he doesn’t need to be one in order to fight corruption in the nation.

Speaking on AIT News, Majeed Dahiru said:

“Why is our current president again, like we have already said on this show not committed. We talked about Obasanjo, Obasanjo had to fight corruption as a challenge early in his administration, and set up the ICPC. And when the ICPC was inadequate, what did he do? He set up the EFCC to complement it. And his body language, his policies, his programs, his sanctions, showed a lack of condonation for corruption, corrupt practices, and he was firm on it.

“He brought the best of Nigerians available at the time to man the various ministries, department and agencies of government, and what was the effect? We saw a period of unity, and sustained growth and development. Why am I making this appeal? It tells you that it doesn’t take magic to solve this problem.

“So, to Mrs. Tinubu, your husband doesn’t have to be a magician to solve this problem. All he needs to do is to be a president and a statesman that is detribalized, and is able to bring the best hands together to solve this problem. It doesn’t take magic, it doesn’t take common sense and political will to apply common sense to governance issues”.

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