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Problem Looms As Housewife Warns 2 Side Chicks, Says, I Am Coming For You

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Hi, Let me just drop this here without saying much. It is a letter from one of our readers, sharing the escapades of her husband and sending a warning to his side chicks. Enjoy reading!

My sister, I am a regular reader of your column and I love it too. I sincerely beg you for God’s sake to publish this article very soon, drawing the attention of Warri men. I have a very disturbing experience that is really affecting me physically, emotionally, morally, socially and economically. It is not possible to put down everything on paper but I will try.

I have been married to my husband for ten years now. He is the managing director where he works. I have got four children and presently carrying a pregnancy. I work in one of the Federal Ministries in town as a Secretary.

We are living in a three-bedroom bungalow with three of his relations. I struggle to get my needs, those of the children and even some of his relations from my meagre salary because he is saving to travel abroad for further studies. The plan is that he will travel on a student visa then we will all join him.

Since this will require a lot of money, we have been managing on very tight budget, or rather no budget at all. Our home, I mean, palour, rooms and kitchen are places I cannot invite my friends to because everything in them is outdated and broken down, as we live from hand to mouth.

For the sincere love, affection and trust I had for him, I was ready to bear everything as a sacrifice for our future. I thought it was really because of these savings that he could not take care of me, the children, the house and even his foolish wicked self.

Lady Decency
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