Peter Obi Is Not A Contender In The 2023 General Election, He Is …………?

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Chris Nwani

Many of the self-serving politicians and political parties of the old Nigeria, whose activities caused Nigeria the monumental national degradation and lamentation across the country have been of the opinion that no other party can win election in Nigeria and that the popularity of the Labour Party under Peter Obi Presidency in the 2023 General Election powered by the WE THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA cannot suffice. 
Indeed, there is something these politicians do not know, unknown to them that what they knew in the past is no longer of any effect.  It is important they know that times have changed and start preparing for what is ahead.  There is a supernatural wave sweeping Nigeria clean, no one or any orchestration can stop it.  It is a vision, which time has come.  Peter Obi is not a contender for an election; he is the only person with the sound mind, capacity and vigor to emancipate Nigeria.  He has been prepared by nature to uplift Nigeria from her worst lawlessness to her bustling economic height where no Nigeria will ever go to bed without food in their stomach again.    
Watch and see a New Nigeria emerge in style. I will not advise anyone not to try to stop the move of God in present Nigeria because Nigerians will witness how everyone opposing God’s verdict will be overwhelmed.  

An opinion by Chris Nwani @TheNewNigeriaMan