OPINION: KUJE PRISON ATTACK: Matters Arising – In A Sane Clime, Aregbesola, DSS Boss, CG Correctional Center Ought To Have Been Sacked

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Scene from attacked Kuje Prison

I went to Kuje Correctional Center to see the level of damages done to the prison by the terrorists early this month.

The following are my observations:

  1. The prison is almost in the bush as the road leading to the prison is covered by overgrown bushes and this will make it difficult for the guards to see clearly ahead of them.
  2. The wall is not high enough, ordinarily, the prison is supposed to be classified as maximum and not medium prison because hardened criminals were being detained there. The environment is completely bullshit. It is like there is no one in charge.
  3. There was no alarm that could have scared the terrorists. Too BAD. For sure, the security guards were not familiar with communication procedure with the police and fire dept. (WERE THEY TRAINED ABOUT PATROL OBJECTIVES, THE MOST IMPORTANT IN THE FIELD OF SECURITY).
  1. The fact that the attackers operated for two or more hours and left without a counterattack as none of the attackers was neither killed nor wounded confirmed that there is no security in Nigeria at all. Those of us that fought the Nigeria / Biafra civil war and had high hope for our country are more than disappointed to see what it has now become.
  2. The Negligence is still there, I saw two prison officers wearing bathroom slippers, one was drinking can beer. If you go to the Army, Navy, Air force, Police, NSCDC, FRSC, Customs, Officers some wore slippers. How do you rationalize that? The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is indiscipline, Negligence, carelessness, I don’t care, care free attitude, which the Government didn’t care about.

In my view, until the Nationality question is answered, Nigeria is going nowhere.

Nigeria is productive but not progressing.

These security guards! Do they know what is emergency, Post Orders etc.

I was able to interact with a man around the area, he said some of the prison officers in Kuje were selling recharge cards, second hand shoes and T. shirts, what an aberration. in a facility as sensitize as a prison?

Imagine prison officers kept 82 million Naira and 36,000 Dollars for the inmates, Only in Nigeria.

Corruption has dented our National image. I saw a police station nearby.

The president, Rtd General Buhari had asked for a report. Do they know how to write occurrence report in a professional manner because someone was killed, therefore the report should be a legal document.

In the report, I am quiet sure, they were going to tell lies. Anyway it would be an impossible world, if no one lied. But you can fool some people sometimes, you cannot fool all the people all the times.

In Nigeria of today, it is not what you know but who you know. In a civilized country.

The minister of interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, National Security Adviser are long overdue for dismissal. DG SSS, IGP, Controller general of prison and all kuje prison officers should be dismissed with immediate effect if they have no shame to resign.

All of the above, what do they know about security? Where were they trained?

If after 72 hours, these people who are synonymous with failures are still in their offices then my regards to General Buhari as my far senior in the Army, fellow civil war veteran, an officer to the core, from the same constituency cease immediately.

Sometimes you have to take some difficult decisions.

You cannot put a crown on a dummy and expect a king.

General Buhari is one of the 4
four senior officers, all Civil war veterans, I respect so much. I have my reason.

The first one is a Colonel and former military governor. If any of them says Shola go and capture American President, I don’t care if is going to cause me my life, I will go.

Success demands sacrifice and risk taking, development can only take place where there is peace. You can kill the carrier of an ideology, you can’t kill the ideology.

All security guards, big and small should be retrained, some would feel too big, and they should be thrown out. Some of these officers cannot define security.

The security guards do they know the meaning of security guards at all? Security guards means someone hired to patrol for the purpose of protecting persons and property, that is why Observations and patrol are essential in the field of security not drinking of Alcohol, horse play or practical joking.

Do they maintain daily Sheet and security note book reports? You are highly informed and well educated doesn’t make you a good leader.

Straight roads don’t make experienced drivers. God bless Nigeria!

Sincerely yours

Lt Shola Oremade Rtd

Lt. Shola Oremade Rtd, is a civil war veteran and a security consultant,
Former OC Military Police to Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Dodan barracks in 1974/75. Attended Centre for Security Training & Management in 2002, also Studied LPO all in Canada.

Note: The Opinion is that of the writer. DECENCY GLOBAL NEWS is not liable and does not portray our views