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Nigerians Mock Senate President Lawan For ‘Taking Up Job Of Buhari’s ADC

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Senate President Ahmad Lawan has faced criticism on social media after photos surfaced of him pulling out a chair for President Muhammadu Buhari at a meeting, despite the president’s Aide-De-Camp (ADC) being in close proximity.

The incident occurred when the President met the leadership of the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Ideally, the ADC should pull out the president’s chair as his office secures and protects the president, in conjunction with some security agencies.

However, in photos that surfaced online, Lawan, who is backing the ADC, could be seen pulling out a chair so that the president could sit during the meeting.

Reacting, some social media commentators described the action as obsequiousness, which they claimed had characterised the relationship between the Lawan-led National Assembly and the Buhari administration.

Taking to Facebook, Clins Nonye Nnadi wrote, “Busy body, rubber stamp senate presido”.

Steve Nwabuko wrote, “That is why Senate President will never query PMB request for more borrowings. It is a sitting affair. This is not loyalty but compromise.”

Joseph Olaniyi wrote, “Boy boy senate president. Eye service.”

Nnam Udodioramma Nnam wrote, “Lawan has been the Chief Servant of Aso Villa.”

Bright Okpame wrote,” “Eye service and praise-singing makes Nigeria a dull place as we speak.”

Okpala Collins Ugochukwu wrote, “Rubber stamp. He won’t be Senate president without BuBu.”

Meanwhile, some commentators said that nothing was wrong with Lawan helping the president to pull out his chair.

Olaitan Gafar wrote, “We like to make a mountain out of a molehill. It can be seen from the picture that the ADC was trying to do his job in spite of loads of documents in his hand.

“Lawan wasn’t doing the ADC’s job, it was just a mere gesture of respect and assisting the ADC.”

Muhammad Tukur Jibril wrote, “In Africa we respect our elders.”

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