Nigerian Man Goes Viral After Helping His Wife Back One Of Their Twin Babies On The Road

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A married man has broken the internet after a video of him backing one of his twin babies surfaced the internet.

According to the lady who shared the story, she had travelled down to her family house and learnt that the kind man does this everyday.

She couldn’t help but be thoroughly impressed as she took to her TikTok page to share the video.

In her words: “I saw this couple at my family house. They had twins and I learnt the man is always helping the wife backing one of the baby everyday!!! Every f*cking day!!!! Omo… I was impressed”.

Reacting to this, @monalysarich: “omo my 30 years on earth I HV never see a man comfortably carry baby on his back outside,his a superb dad n husband“.

@toluabosede: “That’s his child, he’s not helping her! That’s what he should do, to care for his child.”

@afusatadenike750: “It is true that the baby is his child but ego does not allow many African men do what he did. God bless him for being a good father.”

@_olabisi.a: “yes! i am very very very impressed, because l’ve seen a lot of husbands neglect every duty to the mothers.”

@whumie_shuga: “Y’all are funny😂😂 we all know 98% of Nigeria men wunt do this,including d men in ur lives,be deceiving yourself in comment section! Na man he be❤️.”

@poshglo: “Appreciate him. most of u, ur dad never held ur hands to d next street. when u see some1 tryn to change d naratve, appreciate him. u ain’t Woke kankan.”