Nigerian Academician, Prof. Uju Anya And Her Lesbian Lover Express Love For Each Other On Twitter

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Nigerian academician, Prof. Uju Anya and her lesbian lover, Sirry Alang, have taken to their Twitter handles to express love for each other.

Anya made global news early this month when she attacked the late Queen of England Elizabeth II, before her demise.

Sirry who is a Professor as well, took to her handle recently, to express her love for Anya.

”Apropos of nothing, see my fav pic with my love. Audre Lorde’s Recreation comes closest to describing my reality in this ’ship. A stanza: “Touching you I catch midnight as moon fires set in my throat I love you flesh into blossom. I made you and take you made into me.”

Anya spotted the comment and replied it, expressing her excitement for having Sirry as her lover. 

”Oh wow!! Oh my darling!! This is so lovely You sweet, sweet woman!! You thrill me in ways I never imagined possible. Thank you”.