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Meet One Of The Nigeria’s Most Educated Family With 9 Professors And 7 PhD Holders

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Nigerians can’t be put aside when it comes to schooling. In Nigeria there are many brilliant who make the nation proud.

The paper addresses the most educated family in Nigeria, with 9 professors and seven graduate candidates. The family is named Amali. This is the best trained family, if not in Africa, in Nigeria. Four of their wives are teachers within the Amali tribe.

Professorship and scholarship have a significant interest in the family. The only difference between the family Amali and the family Ijaiya in Kwara is that the Amali are a community of teachers in a nuclear family, while the Ijaiya family is an extended large family.

The Amali family is originating in the state of Benue in the municipality of Upu, Otukpo. Your father was a low-ranking farmer with a strong interest in educating his children. He did not encourage his children to search for first-grade work but instead he concentrated on the first son to support people at the highest possible stage. That’s how they learned to support people flourish in the family. Marrying educated women was also important to the family. Nobody has less than an MA before marriage than their wives. In Amali ‘s family, all of the wives are students, faculty members and doctorate holders.

Professor Shamsdeen Onyilokwu Amali is the first son of this family to become a teacher of modern drama in Nigeria. His mom, Ebele Amali, also teaches business. Professor S.O Amali is a mentor for his brothers and people who are already professors in their communities now. He is the first professor of Theater Arts to lead a university as a Nigerian Vice-Chancellor.

He was once deputy vice-chairman at Jos University as well as vice-chairman of the universities of Ilorin and the State of Nasarawa. During his time as President of Nigeria, he retained the National Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) honour. He was the Vice President of the Association of African Universities (AAU) for four years ( 2005-2009).

The professor and his wife.

He is the second one to be a family tutor. He’s an excellent oral literature scholar. He is currently Vice-Chancellor of Lafia Federal University. Even, his wife is an assistant professor, Halima Amali.

Okwoli Amali, Professor.

He is Professor of Microbiology at Markurdi, Agriculture University. He did several academic jobs and his woman, Alache Amali, has been Professor.

Dr. Amali, a nuclear physicist working with US government, Prof. Amali, Otuofo Mohammed Amali, and many more, are other prominent scholars of the Amali family.

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