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Let Them Go, Association Not By Force, Everything about Africans is by force – Report From Ireland!

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Everything about Africans is by force.

If some people are no more comfortable being part of this country, we should allow them to go. We are only 3.7million people in the Republic of Ireland. But the Irish economy is one of the best in Europe.

Norway 2020 population is estimated at 5,421,241 people at mid-year according to UN data. But Norway is one of the richest countries in Europe.

Finland 2020 population is estimated at 5,540,720 people at mid-year according to UN data. And when you check the economy of Finland, you will discover that they are fantastically doing well. 

I don’t know where we get this stupid impression that Nigeria is indivisible. Very lazy thinking. Kano or Lagos population is more than the population of 10 countries in Europe. 

Someone who fought a senseless civil war in the past should not be used as a model. Who knows, we may be better off as ten countries than one where we haven’t made a headway for almost 30yrs. 

I just bought UK pounds sterling for N710. So what’s the advantage of your fight to keep Nigeria together? Any sense in it? 

Please let whoever wishes to leave Nigeria go. Association must not be by force. Marriage does not have to be a do or die affair. 

I left for Europe in the eighties to study and better my life. I got my European passport without duress. So why stop people from leaving Nigeria if they wish to?

It cost us a lot to prosecute Boko Haram, ISWAP and banditry war. Now we are about to face another senseless war in the south. A poor country that is borrowing money everyday. Anyway, all of us will get sense one day. 

Tunde Right writes from Ireland

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