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I Cannot Tie Myself To My Father’s Apron – Seyi Tinubu

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Seyi Tinubu, the son of National Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, says his personal achievements are being downplayed by those who have convinced themselves that he achieved them through his father’s influence.

He said he could not tie himself to his father’s apron and would rather make his own way in the world.

Seyi Tinubu stated this in a chat with Saturday Sun while reacting to claims that his relatively new outdoor advertising firm, Loatsad Promomedia got some of the juiciest sites in Lagos with the backing of the Lagos State Advertising and Signage Agency (LASAA) because of his father’s influence.

Some of the sites in question are the Lekki Toll Complex and the Falomo Bridge.

The lawyer said that contrary to claims, he has never got into any room to demand any site nor used his father’s name to influence any site given to him.

“I believe that whatever I do, I must be able to be above aboard. I am open to scrutiny and willing to be assessed fairly. Come to think of it, if I have done that, I am very sure multiple people would have come out to counter me.

“The truth is we grew as a company which evolved from using just static boards and lamp posts to LEDs. We realised there was a new market for us to enter. Digital is the future, and we are the future —we are the youngest in the game here.

“People were using the traditional methods of putting up a board, and we entered the space and made a change, giving advertisers something significantly more powerful for their brand.

“For all those who keep talking about Loatsad and my father, one thing they have failed to realise is that Loatsad, on its own strength, has been able to work with a lot of multinationals and partnered with many international tools like Airpush, Shazam, Rocketfuel and Snapchat for pop-ups ads on your mobile.

“I don’t know

whether Snapchat knows who Tinubu is. But Loatsad has been able to build its reputation in its area of business without any external influence.

“We were invited by Facebook to their headquarters in Seattle, United States about three or four years ago. I think it’s high time people started to give credit to every staff member of Loatsad who is doing all the creative stuff in the industry.

“It’s not fair for anyone to think we got to where we are because of, maybe phone calls, from my dad to some people. Did the name open the door? Maybe, but if it opens a door in a bank or others, will it open a door with Coca-Cola or other multinationals that use our services?

“The truth and reality is that we deliver with a great deal of passion. We are persistent and tenacious and we believe we offer real value. Our aim is to let brands thrive in the best possible way and we see our services as a unique medium to facilitate that process,” Seyi Tinubu said.

He added, “Some people think all these successes by Loatsad in our less than a decade of existence was because I am Seyi Tinubu.

“Sir, if I were in the banking industry today, some people would still talk: ‘Oh he’s only on top at the bank because he’s Tinubu’s son. What do they want me to do? To be carrying my father’s suitcase up and down? No!

“The truth is that I cannot tie myself to my father’s apron. I have to be my own man. I have to create my own family and legacy. That’s how my dad and mom —Senator Oluremi Tinubu— raised us to be. We were all told from day one: once you are done with school, that’s all we can give you.”

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