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HushKyari: Holy Sinner In Oircle of Thieves

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Ramon Olorunwa Abbas aka Hushpuppi, currently facing prosecution in the United States of America, accused Abba Kyari, Nigeria’s celebrated super cop, as one of the beneficiaries of the $1.1million loot received from a Qatari businessman.

For some, it’s a big surprise to see such a clean police chief being called out in a fraud case, while others feel indifference as the Nigeria Police Force over the years have been known for corruption while others see the development as a big blow on the image of Nigeria as one of Africa’s most respected countries.

Imagine seeing one of your best police chiefs rightly tagged ‘suspect’ in a money laundering case involving a ‘Big Alhaji’ (as our Chinese brothers fondly call Nigerian fraudsters) who has been known for his flamboyant lifestyles.

The current predicament of Kyari can be best described as ‘holy sinner in circle of thieves’, and it will take only the grace and benevolence of Buhari’s regime to save him from this doom that is imminent.

Going through the antecedent to the Hushpuppi vs Kyari saga, the former according to the police chief called him 2 years back that somebody in Nigeria seriously threatened to kill his family in Nigeria and it’s on this premise he started building relationship with him (Hushpuppi).

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