How Long Do Resolutions Last In The New Year?

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Do people keep to their New Year resolutions?

Well, not a lot of people keep to their resolutions. Only 9% of people keep their resolutions until the end of January, and the majority give up before then.

Nearly one in four people give up on their New Year’s resolutions within the first week of making them, and 43% expect to fail before February.

Some exercise apps know people burn out fast. The second Friday of January is known as quitters day when most people give up, according to the running and cycling tracking app Strava.

According to research involving Australian and British citizens, 23% of people give up during the first week, 64% after the first month, and 81% by the end of the year.

So right now, you might see a lot of people at the gym but this fire will slowly and surely burn out.

New Year’s resolutions fail for what reasons?
Overextending themselves
So many make wild promises to themselves. ‘I am going to stop smoking’, that’s outrageous, how about saying ‘I’ll smoke just twice a day.’

Lack of prioritization
Think of what the most important thing is for you to change and start from there, focus your energy on it, instead of trying to do it all.

Motivation decreases
The gusto you had at the beginning of the year won’t continue until the year’s end. Losing motivation was cited as the leading cause of giving up by 35% of respondents. You have to be constantly motivated to continue.

Lack of willpower and support
While there is a desire for change, many are not yet prepared to fully commit.

After the first few months, it takes so much willpower to continue, you need to have a greater design and support system to follow through.