How Lafia Collation Centre Turns Tragedy, A Place Of Dehumanizing Voters, Officials, And Observers By Nasarawa SSG

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Collation centre, a location established by the Commission in a constituency where all the results from the polling stations are brought for the purpose of adding up and declaring election results in that constituency; but that of Lafia, Nasarawa state was turned to a centre for the display of brutal force and rascality.

The media, party agents and observers both local and international also converged to observe process and procedures. But, they did not only observed in Lafia, they were dehumanised, traumatized and some of them physically abused by state agents and touts.

DECENCY GLOBAL NEWS gathered that the Lafia collation centre was some sort of jankara market where people like the Secretary to the Government of Nasarawa state Mohammed Ibrahim showed off his brigandage, bulldozing the centre with touts, to a renowned scoundrel Ibrahim Abdullahi (Adon Garin Lafia) an unrepentant advocate of division who has made sensitive videos everywhere having access to the centre to the over militarisation of the centre with Armoured Personnel Carriers, Soldiers armed to teeth as if they are in a war thorn society.