#Hate Speech: Omini to Lai Mohammed you are the originator of Hate Speech Don’t intimidate Nigerians

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The National Coordinator PDP Youth Alliance Dr.Charles Omini has called on the Minister of information and culture Alh .Lai Mohammed not to threaten Nigerians especially the press with hate speech as he is the originator during Jonathan’s administration.

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed on Thursay October 10, announced that online news platforms will now be regulated as he inaugurated a seven-man committee to implement reforms in the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

“Lai Mohammed said President Buhari has approved the upward review of fines from N500,000 to N5 million for hate speech offences as well as the amendment to the NBC act to enable it to license WebTv and radio stations, including foreign broadcasters beaming signals into the country”.

Omini highlighted some of the statements he made when he was the spokesperson of the All progressives Congress that he is now tagged “Hate Speech”.

Below are some of the hate speech made by Lei Mohammed during GEJ adminostration:

Creating 1.9 million jobs over several years cannot amount to any achievement”-#LaiMohammedOnGEJ Nov 17, 2014

‘Under the Jonathan Administration, Nigerians should not be in a hurry to throw away their generators”-#LaiMohammedOnGEJ Nov 17, 2014

‘With 51% of Nigerians being illiterates, the establishment of 150 Almajiri schools has not even scratched the surface’-#LaiMohammedOnGEJ Nov 17, 2014

‘Jonathan should apologize to Nigerians for wasting the mandate they freely gave to him in 2011″-#LaiMohammedOnGEJ Nov 17, 2014

‘A government that is unwilling to take any responsibility for anything, should not be counted upon’-#LaiMohammedOnGEJ May 25, 2014

‘Government has responsibility to protect the citizens, and not engage in blame game’-#LaiMohammedOnGEJ May 25, 2014

Omini has called on the federal government to admit that they have failed Nigerians and can no longer cover their lies.

He urged federal government to present the actual figures of the 2020 appropriation bill to Nigerians and describe the APC government as fantastically currupt and big bitrayals as he insisted that APC has nothing to offer after 5 years other than harrasing and maltreating innocent citizens who dares to speak against their evil government as they keep insflicting pains, misery and abject poverty upon Nigerias, Omini concluded.

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