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Good News For Those Who ReFused To Take COVID-19 Vaccine

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FINALLY, people can be assured that the South African government has considered their concerns about being forced to take a covid-19 vaccines. The mandatory vaccines has been on the news oflate and with other private sector companies saying that they will make it compulsory for their employees to take vaccines.

Even the Ministers in the Parliament said that they were discussing this matter and looking into ways to make it compulsory as the calls are growing.

Now Cyril Ramaphosa has announced something that can , at least be of a relief right for now, to those who refuse to take the jab.

Ramaphosa said the implementation of mandatory vaccines must be based on mutual respect and rights of people. He also said that employees may refuse vaccination based on medical and Constitutional grounds.

” The implementation of any mandatory vaccination policies must, in the end, be based on mutual respect, which is the respect of the rights of the people which achieve the balance between public health imperatives, the Constitutional rights of employees, and the efficient operation of the employer’s business. Now that is quite a delicate balance that needs to be struck.”

Cyril was answering questions on lawmakers at the Parliament on Friday and responded to the issue of mandatory vaccination, he added by saying;

“No one should be forced to be vaccinated. Instead, we need to use the available scientific evidence to encourage, repeat encourage, people to be vaccinated to protect themselves, but also to protect people around them.”

Ramaphosa also said,at the same time,the occupational health and safety laws required a safe working environment.

“This situation poses challenges for employers who want to keep their workers safe from Covid-19, while respecting the rights of those who don’t want to be vaccinated,”said Ramaphosa.

The Minister in the Presidency, told the press briefing before Ramaphosa’s session that the government’s position on mandatory vaccine is “very clear”.

He said that at the moment, government’s priority was not to legislate mandatory vaccination. He said government will be observing the discussions at the private sector since they are the ones pushing for the mandatory vaccination.


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