Fight Banditary, Insugency, Not Nnmadi Kanu- Umar Abubakar Slams Federal Government

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Umar Abubakar who was the former military governor of Kaduna state blasted the Buhari led government for giving more attention to the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu instead of putting the attention to the arrest of Bandits in the state. Umar claimed that he was disappointed at Buhari’s led government. He said that it was touching that instead of looking for strategic ways in which the federal government can end insurgency in the country, the federal government was busy plotting the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and even jubilating over his arrest. 

He made this statement on Wednesday. He said that FG must concentrate on eradicating insecurity in the country rather that arresting Nnamdi Kanu. He further stated that the arrest of Kanu has done nothing to better the lives of the average people living in North who have been constantly affected by terrorism. Umar said that over 100 people are been killed every week and many are kidnapped. He urged the Nigerian federal government not to use violent means to control the crisis in the Eastern part of Nigeria.