Donald Trump’s ‘spiritual adviser’ urges followers fund church instead of paying for electricity

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Paula White-Cain, a prosperity gospel minister who serves part-time as President Donald Trump’s “spiritual adviser,” has urged her church members to fund the church first, even if it means not paying their residential monthly electricity bills

A lengthy report on White by Mother Jones reveals that the Trump-loving preacher recently told followers at her Supernatural Ministry School in Miami that they could secure God’s favour by sending her church as much money as possible — even if that meant skipping their monthly electricity bills.

In particular, White said that followers who send their money to Florida Power and Light (FPL) every month instead of giving it to her church are treating the electric company better than they treat God.

“Instead of writing [that check] to the house of God as I’m instructed to, then what I’m saying spiritually is, ‘FPL, I have now established a spiritual law that put you first,’” White explained to her flock. “So, FPL, save my family, FPL, deliver my drug addicted son. FPL, kill this cancer that doctors say is in my body.”

Over the next half hour, White built to a crescendo, shed many tears, spoke in tongues, and implored people to give. Hundreds of people streamed down the aisles to throw envelopes of money at her feet. “The First Fruits sets the pattern and establishes the destiny for what is left,” she cried.

“Many of you need to bring a First Fruit offering right now!” Mostly Latino apostles and prophets from the church brought baskets to the front to collect the offerings.

White, who opened the National Day of Prayer Event at the White House in 2017 and who has just landed an official job at the White House, has drawn criticism from many Christians over the years, including her business in which she sells believers “resurrection seeds” that will grant them eternal life for the low price of just $1,144.

White, a 53-year-old Evangelist who is married to Journey pianist Jonathan Cain, has been the pastor to Trump and his family since 2001, when he spotted her on a Christian television show.

The Apopka, Florida, resident’s new book, “Something Greater” (FaithWords), chronicles those early days with the president, who was at the time a twice-divorced bachelor rebuilding his empire.

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