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Denmark seals borders to tackle coronavirus

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Denmark has sealed its borders for a whole month in a bid to fight coronavirus. That makes it the latest European country to take dramatic steps to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 disease, reports Forbes.

The closure became official at noon on Saturday local time, meaning all tourists and other foreigners who don’t have an important reason for visiting will not be allowed in. And a family visit does not qualify as important reason. Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen announced the border closure at a press conference on Friday night, giving less than 24 hours notice.

At the time of the announcement, Denmark had recorded 801 positive cases, of which 23 were hospitalized and four were in intensive care. “We are in uncharted territory but I’m sure we’ll get through this together,” said Fredriksen. The closure will be in place until April 13. The closure will not stop delivery of medicines, food and other important goods, and truck drivers. Danish broadcasters DR and TV2 showed cement barriers placed at 10 of the 13 land border crosssings to Germany, as part of efforts to divert road traffic to the three crossings where police would check entries round the clock.

Danes will be allowed in to the country as well as people who live or work in Denmark – or people in transit. The Danish military has been called in to assist police. The checks apply at road, rail and ferry links, and airports. Several ferry operators have cancelled and reduced services to neighbouring Norway and Sweden.




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