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Col. Umar Faults Purchase Of Super Tucano Fighter Jet By Nigerian Government, Says It’s A Wrong Move

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Since the ferocious Boko Haram terrorist group started existing in 2002, it has been a thorn in the flesh of not just Nigerians, but also the neighbouring countries such as Mali, Chad, Niger Republic and Cameroon. However, back home in Nigeria, the members of the notorious evil sect have defied every attempt of the govermment to faze them out.

While the above two inhuman terrorist legions have reigned terror in Nigeria for up to twelve years during when they have reportedly killed about 50,000 innocent people, bandits have also been worsening the situation of things in both the North-West and some parts of the North-Central.

Consequent to the above, the federal government (FG) felt the urgent need to raise its war against them in order to prevent things from getting overcome the destroyers. As a result, it resorted to the fortification of its arsenal through the acquisition of more weapons. And among of such reactio is the purchase of the much talked-about twelve Super Tucano fighter jets from the United States of America (USA) for an alleged amount of 480 million dollars.

However, after Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, the popular controversial self-styled advocate of the bandits who have been slaying innocent souls had posited that buying more weapons to fight against the criminals can not stop them, another person, Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, who is a retired military boss like him has said something similar.

According to, retired Colonel Umar who was a former Governor of Kaduna State has questioned the purchase of the above-mentioned fighter jets. He said that the ongoing war against terrorists and bandits could not be won on air. Speaking further, he suggested that the money that was spent on buying them should have been used to train and pay 200,000 ground soldiers for one year; and the military men could have successfully overcome the criminals afterwards. He, however, added that surveillance helicopters would be needed for the task.

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