China set to unveil new nuclear missile that could hit US in 30 minutes in warning to Donald Trump

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Amidst the ongoing trade war between the United States and China, and current claims to the South China sea between the United States and China, the very secretive Chinese military is set to unveil a new weapon that can possibly reach the US mainland in 30 minutes.

China, on Tuesday, will be be celebrating the ruling communist party’s 70th anniversary in power and in a show of power to Washington, will publicly showcase The Dongfeng 41, a robotic submarine and a supersonic drone.

The Dongfeng is a nuclear-armed missile that could reach the US in 30 minutes, and military analysts believe that the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army- the second largest military spender in the world after the US, could be emboldened to make more claims in the South China sea and even possibly invade Taiwan or Hong Kong, after showing off these weapons.

The parade on Tuesday will include 580 pieces of military equipment,15,000 troops and more than 160 aircraft according to Ministry of Defence spokesman Major General Cai Zhijun.

According to Zhijun, many new weapons “will be shown for the first time,” When asked whether that would include the Dongfeng 41, he said: ”Please wait and see.”

In 2018, spending on the PLA rose 5 per cent to $250bn (£228bn), or about 10 times its 1994 level, according to Sipri. The United States, with a force of 1.3 million, was far ahead at $650bn.

“China has developed nuclear, space, cyberspace and other capabilities that can reach potential adversaries across the globe,” the US Defence Intelligence Agency said in a January report .

The US and China are currently locked in a massive trade war..