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CBN Found The Source Of Money For EndSARS Protests But Can’t Find That Of Bokoharam, Nigerian Youths Drags The Hell Out Of CBN

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The Central Bank of Nigeria, which is the apex bank in the country summoned Flutterwave and some Fintech Companies to temporarily disable the donation links for receiving donations from donors around the world, used in sponsoring the EndSARS protests across the country. The companies were asked to prove the sources of the donations and if it has any possible link to terrorists donations around the world.

This came with swift response from the Apex bank just few days from the commencement of the protest, as nobody expected that the Nigerian government has such capacity to quickly determine the source of money to any company in Nigeria. Even though the money donated toward the EndSARS protest are to provide basic social amenities like foods, hospital payments and donations to the families of the victims of SARS and Police brutality.

The swift discovery of the source of the donations came as a surprise to many Nigerians, which now raised the question of ‘why not tracing the source of the fund to the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria?’

Since the beginning of the activities of the dreaded terrorist group in Nigeria in 2009, they have caused loss of lives and properties worth millions of Nigeria, farmland have been seized, house destroyed, several killing etc.

As it is known that the terrorists can not be doing all of what they are doing without sponsorship, either domestically or internationally. The terrorists used sophisticated weapons and cars that are not produced in Nigeria, they feed themselves in the bush. How are they able to secure these weapons for themselves, if they have no sponsor? It is practically not possible.

Although, the Central Bank of Nigeria in the past has claimed that they are investigating the source of fund to the group but up till today, the source has not been discovered, whereas they were able to discover the source of funds to EndSARS protests within a week of the beginning of the protest in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the protests toward the end to SARS brutality in Nigeria still continues today in major cities to cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Niger, Abuja, Bayelsa etc by protesters demanding for the total disbandment, prosecution and reformation of the operative of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force.

With this new wave in the country for demand for good governance across all quarters, Nigeria is moving gradually toward being the most powerful black nation it was before.

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