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BREAKING: Bandit’s Leader Behind Kankara Schoolboys Abduction, Auwalun Daudawa Shot Dead

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Four days after he renounced his earlier repentance and returned to the forest, Auwal Daudawa, best known for his role in the abduction of over 300 schoolboys in Katsina state, was killed in a fight with rivals.

According to Daily Trust, Daudawa was shot dead Friday evening during a gun duel with a rival gang at Dumburum forest located between Zurmi Local Government Area in Zamfara state and Batsari Local Government Area in Katsina state.

The notorious bandit shot to prominence after he masterminded the attack on Government Secondary School, Kankara where he abducted over 300 schoolboys overnight.

Two months later, the bandit appeared in Gusau, capital of Zamfara, along with five of his men where he announced his repentance and handed over 20 AK-rifles and other weapons to the police.

The newspaper had on Thursday reported  how Daudawa returned to the forest and his old ways after he vacated his new abode in Damba, on the outskirts of Gusau.

Sources said the bandits’ leader was killed while leading his men on a revenge attack on bandits loyal to another gang called Ballolo.

It was gathered that while Daudawa was in Gusau following his repentance, some armed members of the Ballolo camp attacked the position of his men in an attempt to rustle their cattle, killing two of his gang members in the process.

He was said to have vowed to retaliate.

A source said while Daudawa’s gang succeeded in killing some persons in the opposing gang, their leader was felled down by bullets of Ballolo’s boys.

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