BREAKING: 2023 – Confusion Over Tinubu Health Status, Reportedly Rushed Off Stage On Health Grounds In Minna, APC Campaign Council Denies

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The presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, was on Wednesday allegedly rushed off the stage at the party’s presidential rally in Minna due to poor health.

DECENCY GLOBAL NEWS gathered that Tinubu could not arrive in the Niger State capital in the morning for the rally as he had to attend to his health with specialist doctors rushed to attend to him on Tuesday, soon after he had made an appearance at the North West zone rally held at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna.

He was advised to rest that Tuesday evening after the rally, thus delaying his arrival in Minna until Wednesday. He arrived at the venue of the rally, which was well underway in the afternoon in Minna.

A source who revealed the development from Minna via telephone call further said that Tinubu was advised to avoid the Minna rally to take “a deserved rest” but his team insisted he must put up an appearance in order to cover up the development.

However, when he was ushered to the stage to speak in a live telecast monitored by our correspondent, the former Lagos State Governor could only shout the party’s name several times in a slow and incoherent manner.

“APC, APC, Niger! Nigeria, Nigeria! Sai Bago, Sai Bago, APC, APC!” Tinubu said on stage.

“Sai Lolo, Sai lolo,” he continued, after which he busted into laughter.

He kept shouting, “Sai Bago, sai jagaban”, a nickname he is known for as his voice kept diminishing.

He however continued shouting, “God bless you, God bless Niger State, may God bless you,” and was led away from the podium without presenting his manifesto and what he will do if he wins the 2023 presidential election.

The rally was thereafter cut short in a live beam monitored by this paper on the candidate’s television Station, TVC.

Tinubu is believed to be having a running battle with some undisclosed illnesses.

There have been several reports of the APC candidate being afflicted with Parkinson’s disease but he has kept mum on the development.

Meanwhile, the presidential campaign council of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has confirmed media report when it stated that the party’s candidate, Bola Tinubu, could not read his speech or make a presentation of his manifesto on Wednesday during his campaign stopover in the state.

We had reported that Tinubu was rushed off stage supposedly to his worsening health and could not present his manifesto to the crowd which had thronged the venue of the rally.

He had arrived late in Minna after reportedly being taken ill on Tuesday in Kaduna state after the party’s North West rally.

A source confirmed he was attended to by some medical experts who were rushed in.

Another source said he was “tired and exhausted, and nothing much. His seeing the doctor was routine,” despite reports that he was advised to rest and avoid the Minna rally.

But in a response to inquiry, Tinubu’s camp denied the news of his ill health.

Dele Alake, one of the spokesmen for the Tinubu campaign said, it was an “Absolute bunkum, balderdash, hogwash,” and an “infantile imagination of warped minds.”

His counterpart, Bayo Onanuga later responded in a message sent to this paper, saying, “Nothing like that,” declaring that “there was no health scare about our candidate.”

Both however accepted Tinubu had arrived late to the venue but did not state why he arrived late to the venue.

A statement issued following the abrupt end to the Minna campaign following Tinubu’s unceremonious departure from the scene hailed the rally as a success.

Signed by Tunde Rahman from the Tinubu Media Office, the statement noted Tinubu was overwhelmed by the crowd, saying that was why he could not read his prepared speech or make any presentation regarding his manifesto and policy thrust to be voted as president.

“The electrifying crowd was too ecstatic to see Asiwaju Tinubu shortly after he was in Minna when he attended the Town Hall meeting with farmers and agro commodity traders,” Rahman said in a statement.

“The shout of ‘Asiwaju, you don win, you don win, don’t say anything’ rented the air,” he said.

The statement added that, “An obviously elated and overwhelmed Tinubu seeing the level of support and goodwill from the people, thanked them profusely for their love and readiness to vote for him.

“Tinubu who had come with a prepared speech had to abandon the speech to just express his gratitude to the people,” Rahman further explained why Tinubu could not speak to the crowd in his manifesto.

Rahman stressed that if Tinubu had spoken, he would have pledged “routine dredging of River Niger and full development of Baro Port.”

Recall that Tinubu has come under serious pressure to disclose to Nigerians his health status if he wants to be voted president following his frequent overseas trip for medical attention.

He had spent months in the UK in 2021 for knee surgery and had been alleged to have received several treatments for some undisclosed illnesses.

His camp has however denied that he was ill.