Bolt introduces tricycle category in Uyo

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Bolt, the leading on-demand transportation platform in Europe and Africa, has today introduced tricycle hailing service in Uyo. It is the first alternative vehicle category besides cars that Bolt has launched in West Africa.

Femi Akin-Laguda, Bolt Country Manager for Nigeria, said:
“At Bolt, we will continue to find innovative ways to cater to local demand for popular services.
We are thrilled to introduce the tricycle service in Uyo. We believe that it resonates well with the culture in this city and that this category will provide an easy and affordable transportation
option for trips around Uyo.

We have already built the biggest ride-sharing platform in Nigeria for cars and the knowledge
we have gained in that endeavour gives us a significant advantage in taking on the unique
transportation challenges in all the cities where we operate. Tricycles in Uyo is the first step in
this direction as we intend to bring a renewed effort to solving local problems with globally
tested solutions.”

Tricycles seating up to 3 passengers have become a highly popular mode of transport in major cities including Uyo as they make navigating through traffic jams much easier and faster than cars.

Bolt was the first global platform to launch motorcycles and auto-rickshaws in a number of
Eastern African countries. Today, Bolt also offers tricycle hailing service in Dar es Salaam,
Tanzania and Mombasa, Kenya.

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