Body Count: Stop Asking Your Girl For It, You Don’t Need To Know

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Before explaining why body counts should not be a subject of conversation in your relationship, it is important to explain what it means.

Simply put, body count is the number of people you have sex with. It does not matter how intimate the make out was, or how much stuff you have done with someone, if there hasn’t been penetration, it does not count as sex in this context. Body count here refers only to the number of people you have had penetrative sex with.

Sharing the past in new relationships

For every new relationship you find yourself in, there comes a time when you and your partner speak of the past and plan for the future, especially when things are becoming pretty serious and commitment is becoming genuine.

As explained in previous articles; there are financial conversations that are important at this stage as there are sexual conversations that one must have, too. Of all the sexual things you can ask from bae/boo though, the body count question is not necessary.

And this is simply because some things are just better left unknown, some information better left undiscovered. Let people divulge it willingly if they choose to. And if they don’t, that’s fine too. Don’t bother them for it. Don’t stress them about it.