Blac Chyna tops the worst-dressed list at the 2020 Oscars in a VERY revealing gown – while Janelle Monae, Kristen Wiig and Sandra Oh turn heads for all the wrong reasons

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The Oscars are the final major award show of the season, and its celebrity attendees are therefore pulling out all the stops to ensure they make a real statement on the red carpet.

Unfortunately, not everyone hit the nail on the head as far as fashion is concerned – with Blac Chyna leading the list of worst-dressed stars at this year’s ceremony.

As always, the red carpet at the 92nd Academy Awards was full to the brim with sartorial crimes, from plunging necklines exposing far too much flesh to garish colors and puffy over-the-top gowns, with Chyna showing off a lot of skin in her barely-there ensemble.

The black gown not only featured a plunging neckline that dropped to her navel, showing off Chyna’s assets to full effect, it also had a sky-high slit that went up almost to her hip – leaving very little to the imagination and allowing her to flaunt her large leg tattoos.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a red carpet statement, Chyna topped off the look with rather bizarre makeup and a shiny S-wave hairdo that gave her the appearance of a china doll.

It’s unclear exactly what Chyna’s connection to the ceremony is; the model is not nominated in any of the categories, nor is she thought to be associated with any of the movies that are involved.

Her attendance certainly raised a few eyebrows on Twitter, where a number of users questioned why exactly she had been invited as a guest at the ceremony.

‘Blac Chyna is at the Oscars?? And what did she do to her face??’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘They just let anybody in now huh?’

A third person commented: ‘Blac Chyna at the #Oscars who would have thought this day will come.’

However, the star was not the only attendee to miss the mark on the red carpet at this year’s ceremony – quite the opposite in fact.

{Metal mania: The 34-year-old singer had a rather large turning circle on the red carpet thanks to the full skirt, which} {was rigid rather than flowing}

Janelle Monae made quite a mark on the red carpet when she arrived in a costume-ish silver gown that resembled the outfit worn by the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, but with the addition of a Jedi-style hood.

She was not the only person to suffer a fashion fail in silver though; Sibley Scoles arrived in a strapless metallic gown that was incredibly flattering as far as the silhouette was concerned, but looked as though it was made out of tinfoil.

Then there was Kristen Wiig, 46, who wore a baffling red dress that looked like a caterpillar thanks to the imposing double-layered ruffles that ran down each side of the skirt.

Her overall look was made all the more bizarre by the addition of black lacy detailing that could be seen poking out from the sides of the bodice, perhaps in an attempt to add some sex appeal to the insect-like gown.

Sandra Oh made an incredibly rare sartorial misstep in her puffy pink sequin and tulle gown that totally swamped her frame, and looked almost comical thanks to its enormity.

Another odd addition to the worst-dressed list was Olivia Colman, whose navy blue dress featured incredibly strange cutouts just under the shoulders, which looked as though they had been added purely to air out her armpits.

Unfortunately, the addition of the cutouts also caused unflattering folds of fabric to form around the armpit area, making it look as though the dress simply didn’t fit.

Singer Aurora hit all the wrong notes in her very unique ensemble, which she paired with chunky white sneakers, a very out-of-place choice for such an elegant event.


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