Bizarre: See A Pig That Gave Birth To A Human Piglet, Which Has A Shape Of A Human And A Pig (Photos)

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Near Nelspruit in the small town of Moumalanga, locals witnessed a miracle that left them in awe and rendered them speechless.

The Piglet, who was born to one of the pigs, appeared to have a mix of pig and human DNA, which was unsettling. The birthing pig was released into the village like any other pig; it was a typical pig in every way, but the incident caused the villagers to be concerned and prompted them to ask several questions.

It’s unknown what could have caused this sow to give birth to such ugly piglets. To see images of the Piglet that resembles a human, scroll down.

This piglet resembles a lamp that was recently born from a sheep in Limpopo in terms of size and personality.

See photos below… 

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