Betray Of Trust: ‘I Abducted FGC Girls Because, Government Betrayed Me After I Released Kagara Students’ – Dogo Gide Says

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In a news article that was posted by an online Newspaper, it was made known that a notorious banditry kingpin, Dogo Gide, has revealed the reason, why he kidnapped the students of the Federal Government College, which is located in Birnin Yauri, Kebbi State.

When he was talking in a telephone conversation, he claimed that he abducted the students and some teachers of FGC, to deliberately frustrate the federal government of Nigeria, for not fulfilling her side of an agreement they both entered into.
Remember that, Dogo and his boys, invaded the school last year, and kidnapped over 90 pupils and their teachers, and as most of the victims were rescued by the Kebbi State Government, some of them escaped from the camp, as 11 have been married off by Dogo to some of his men.

Premium Times reported that, Dogo revealed this when he was talking in a phone conversation with the spokesperson of the FGC Yauri pupils’ parents and guardians, Salim Kaoje, as another information that was given revealed that, Mr Kaoje’s sister, whose name was given as Farida Kaoje, is presently married to Dogo Gide.

During their 17minutes telephone conversation, Dogo said, “Do you even know why I abducted these pupils ? Let me even tell why you I abducted them in the first place. I was told to get those pupils from Kagara (that were abducted by kidnappers) and they would release my people that were arrested.””

He said, “I ordered that the Kagara pupils should be released but after that they betrayed me and refused to release any of my people. They said I am a Boko-Haram member which made me very angry and I decided to arrest these people and said my people must be released before I release them (FGC pupils).

I abducted FGC girls because, government betrayed me after I released Kagara students.”