Barely few days after Brexit hashtag to rejoin the EU rains in UK

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Just few days after UK left the EU most of the UK citizens has taken online to register their displeasure towards their fears and anger over the too much cause of value  this could have on the citizens with  too little of practical value  to gain.

UK left the EU on the 31st of January 2020 after years of battle to make it a reality, but it appears the benefit of remaining in the EU is a huge task to greater percentage of UK citizens. Margaret Georgiadou started this petition to UK Parliament.


Read below:


“Over half the country wishes to remain in the EU. Leaving the EU will cause too much of value to be lost, and too little of practical value to be gained. It also stands to break up the Union.

Leaving the EU is currently undemocratic: it ignores the current wishes of Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, and large swathes of England.

This petition is open to all British passport holders, regardless of origin, as well as all residents of the UK. also regardless of origin”.