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Anambra Poll: Disregard Political Vlackmail Against APC – Deputy Gov, Nkem Okeke Tells Electorate

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Dr Nkem Okeke, Anambra Deputy Governor has urged the people of the State to disregard  political blackmail against the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Okeke said that now was the moment of truth and eye openness by the people of the South East Geo-political zones to be actively participatory in the political scheme of great Nigerian country.

He made the call during a press briefing with some journalists in Awka on Friday.

Okeke said that a lot had politically gone underneath in Anambra polity that made him divorce the party that brought him into politics.

“At the moment the fastest way the people of South East will restore their lost glories and occupy their political position in the centre of governance of the nation is through the APC.

“I urge residents and people of the state to look up, put on your thinking cap on, secure a defined future for your nuclear and extended family members now.

“Vote for Sen. Andy Ubah, the APC and candidate for the November 6 governorship election so that the state can benefit immensely from the center, the greater opportunities accrue to us.

“Let us correct our past mistakes in our political calculation that this is Our Own” this is a deceit, a mistake not good enough to repeat itself.

“APC is the party in the centre, I want us to join in national affairs and be able to contribute meaningfully.

“I have been in representation meetings in affairs of the nation but after the general meeting, participants of such meetings that are APC will go in for family take while PDP, APGA will leave,

“I wish us to join in family talks with the party at the centre in extra meeting with the Presidency, we can only bargain if we are inside.

“Please let’s change our political drum now to have a better tune to dance to tomorrow, vote massively for APC candidate who has listening ears and open to changes and innovative ideas,”.

He said he had been in the state ruling party, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) but the current APGA had failed to provide for the people legacies that would outlive them.

“Governance is not about building structures; it is all about developing talents and enabling them to perform, it is not about political inducement, it is about giving the future some to keep for today, tomorrow and a day to come.

I have wealth of knowledge about administration and governance, I have been a two time commissioner, I know what the people need, I have talked to Ubah he listens, our state will be better off now if Uba is elected governor,” he said .

Okeke said that he switched from the ruling APGA in the state because he had not the ears of the Governor, Chief Willie Obiano as his no 2 in the state as he was not allowed to make positive contributions in the government of the day in the state.

Okeke also dismissed rumor making the rounds of plans by members of the state House of Assembly to impeach him following his recent defection from APGA, to the APC.

He said that he was confident that lawmakers in the house would not initiate impeachment action against him as “nobody will find anything against me for such action”.

“We have crop of seasoned professional in the state assembly who cannot look away for any price to ruin the peace and revert the state to anarchy.

It is my political right to seek relief if I am choked what matter the most is my service to my people and the country in general.

“APGA devalued me all the years I have been in the party; I am an accidental politician I do not believe to operate on demerits, so people who priced me off the shelf with tangible offer approached me, it is not my fault,” he said.

Okeke said that he did not switch party for personal enrichment but I seek a wider space to contribute to build up the state and Nigeria at large.

“ I am a technocrat , I want to partner the centre leadership to serve my country in a way to leave legacy for my children like my father did for me, I want posterity to remember me for good.

Okeke said that he held Gov. Willie Obiano, my boss in high esteem, I would not resign from the APGA led government and would remain in office as deputy governor till the end of the tenure on March 17, 2022.

He said that though he had resolved to leave APGA for the APC because of his strong desire to offer services to humanity and the country which he did not get but had wished to remain in the party till 2022 March.

Okeke said that Anambra and Igbo stand a better chance under the APC with the provision of infrastructural development strides of President Muhammadu Buhari in the Southeast such as the ongoing Second River Niger bridge.

And other key projects that would reinforce the economic viability of the state and the geopolitical zone in general.

He maintained that for the state to experience real development and the South East in 2023, the need of the people was to join the ruling party at the centre.


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