ABSURD: Man Moves Out Of His Home After Catching His Wife Cheating With Her High School Boyfriend

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In most cases when a woman is found cheating, she is one who leaves the house when there is no consensus between her and the husband.

According to reports, a man has moved out of his matrimonial home after finding her wife cheating on him.

The distressed man found his 30 years old wife in the act with her secondary school boyfriend in their matrimonial bed.

Filled with anger the man collected his clothes and items and started residing in a one bedroom apartment.

To make the matters worse the wife went on and got married to the same fellow she had cheated him with.

The man says that he has wasted 30 years of his life married to a woman who was in love with another man.

He claims his four children cone to his office every day for upkeep money.

He further explained that when he caught his wife cheating, she confessed that she has been with the boyfriend since the days of highschool.

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