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18 People Killed, Mostly Children As Fire Raze China Martial Arts Center kills

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At least 18 people were killed and 16 injured when a fire broke out at a martial arts school in central China in the early hours of Friday, June 25.

Local media reported that most of the victims were boarding pupils aged between seven and sixteen.

The fire had been extinguished and authorities were investigating the cause of the blaze, the statement from the Zhecheng county government said.

There were 34 boarding students on the premises when the fire broke out, according to local government staff quoted by Beijing Toutiao News.

“My kid is 9 years old, but I know nothing about his current situation. We can’t see him or visit him,” said Zheng, the father of one of the children admitted to the hospital.

Another father was filled with relief that his son was among the survivors.

“It’s extremely lucky that my son escaped from the fire, but I don’t know anything specific,” he said.

The manager of the center in rural Zhecheng county, Henan province, was arrested by police, the statement said.

The injured, four of whom had severe injuries, were rushed to a local hospital, where an unnamed doctor told local media they were “doing everything they could” to save them.

According to BBC, home of the famous Shaolin Temple, Henan province is known to be the birthplace of Chinese martial arts, where thousands of students study in kung fu training camps.

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