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“We Drink Blood And Eat Babies Brain”, South African Lady Stunned People On National TV

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The episode 19 of Dlozi’lam left numerous individuals not knowing whether it truly happens that individuals drink blood or what is really occurring!!!

The show actually helps to reconnect with the late, the so called “ancestors”. Many South Africans do not want to miss it but that episode shocked them. It actually left them speechless, though they wanted to know more of the story and how people get to drink the blood.

The presenter, Ausi Thembi had the most scariest moment on that episode. She could not even take it herself.

The young lady interviewed explained that she grew up praising the devil. Their church would change at night and start worshiping the devil, they would drink blood and eat dead people’s brain.

She explained the church to be an Indian church around Joburg that changes at night.

They would drink the blood every Wednesday and have those babies brain. She explained her late father took her to the church and that is how she was taught to worship the devil. She grew up knowing how to worship the devil and to live with the blood and eating the brain that was kept inside a mayonaice bottle.

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